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Welcome to Jero Industrial, Corp. your main source of proactive, predictive & preventive lubrication products and maintenance services for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.



Industrial Lube

JERO Industrial, Corp.’s experience has identified that most industrial facilities are spending 5-15% of their annual maintenance budget on poor lubrication and tribology practices.


Food & Beverage

F&B Lubrication

We provide specialized products and services to the Food and Beverage Industry as a partner for engineering and designing your best lubrication program.


Farming Industry

Farming & Agriculture

JERO will help you achieve maximum results on your farming / agriculture operations by maintaining your equipment in optimum conditions and protecting your crops from harmful pests.



Construction & Mining

On a highly contaminated environment, like on a construction or mining site, lubrication plays a big role on your equipment reliability. We provide the solutions you need.



Fleet Management

It is very important to keep your transportation units in excellent mechanical condition all the time, not doing so will cost you down time and put your customers in a difficult situation.


Graphics Industry

Ink Supply Systems

We offer complete systems, service and consulting for the entire spectrum of ink supply, especially for all Offset Printing Presses.

Our Services

JERO Industrial is your one stop solution for all your industrial lubrication needs. Whether your need may be high performance lubricants, lubrication shop equipment, automated lubrication systems, training and certifications for your industrial maintenance personnel or any other need relating to lubrication, JERO Industrial has the solution you are looking for.

Reliability & Tribology Services

Training Seminars & Certification

Lubricants & Fluids Laboratory Services

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JERO Industrial is your one-stop solution for all your industrial lubrication needs. Feel free to request a call back for a free oriantation.

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Why Choose JERO Industrial

For the past 15 years, JERO Industrial, Corp., has been dedicated to the design and implementation of world-class lubrication programs in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, exceeding the highest production requirements of our diverse clients. By doing so we have been able to help our customers maintain their equipment in optimal mechanical conditions and achieve considerable cost savings on maintenance and production.

We are constantly in search of the best and most reliable brands in the world. JERO Industrial represents the best products and brands for lubrication reliability, providing our customers with the best alternatives available in the market. Our main goal is to always improve our customers production and asset reliability, by providing only the best available product brands and services.
JERO INDUSTRIAL, CORP is an active member of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) and of the International al Council for Machinery Lubrication. Our staff carries the Top Certifications of the Lubrication Industry, actively participating in the design and certification programs for the lubrication and reliability professionals in our region. JERO Industrial, Corp is among the top knowledgeable and experienced Companies Puerto Rico adn the the Americas.