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Our Company

Welcome to JERO Industrial, Corp., Corp., your main source of proactive, predictive & preventive lubrication products and maintenance services for the Caribbean.

For the past 15 years, JERO Industrial, Corp., has been dedicated to the design and implementation of world-class lubrication programs exceeding the highest production requirements in Puerto Rico. By doing so we have been able to help our customers maintain their equipment in optimal mechanical conditions and achieve considerable cost savings on maintenance and production.

"Our Company’s biggest satisfaction is the fact that we have been an integral part of the success of our territory’s biggest Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Transportation Companies. By providing our lubrications products and maintenance services, we have helped our customers achieve their goals and we fell as though we are an integral part of their success stories. At the end of the day we contribute by keeping the production of our customers on schedule."

Javier Rodriguez O'Neill
CEO JERO Industrial, Corp.
Lubrication Engineer, CLS, MLT II
Certified Lubrication Specialist, Lic. #5300944062

More than 500 leading Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Transportation Companies in Puerto Rico & the Caribbean have relied on our knowledge, products and services to keep their production at optimum levels, reducing downtime and repairs do to lubrication reliability issues. Our excellent reputation has positioned JERO as the leading sources of lubrication reliability products and services in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

We are constantly in search of the best and most reliable brands in the world. JERO Industrial represents the best products and brands for lubrication reliability, providing our customers with the best alternatives available in the market. Our main goal is to always improve our customers production and asset reliability, by providing only the best product brands and services.

Company Culture

Our Vision

Become the leading company with the highest knowledge in lubrication reliability programs and products in Puerto Rico.


Increase the productivity of our customers through sustainable lubrication reliability programs that contribute to the efficiency and conservation of machinery and equipment.


Maintain the production program of our customers as scheduled, eliminating unexpected stoppages through the high degree of knowledge of our work team and high quality products.