BielomatiK Lubrication Equipment

Bielomatik Equipment

Extensive product range of system parts, patented technologies and customized high precision solutions for perfectly dosed lubrication of machines and systems for all branches in the machine building industry. Especially profitable: retrofitting of existing machines with automated lubrication systems and using pre-mounted assembly units.

Lubrication technology is dominated by two questions: Firstly, what about the costs? And secondly, what does a resource-saving solution look like? The right answers: minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) and central lubrication (CL). For example: MQL. We are the only company that offers single and dual-channel systems for metal processing. We also offer special solutions such as a portable unit especially developed for aircraft construction.

Our CL, including patented technologies and special solutions, allows ease of use in all engineering industries. Some special economical features include: the possibility to expand existing machines with CL and our service of pre-mounted assembly units.

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BIELOMATIK Central Lubrication Systems

Our centralized lubrication technology sees to the exact dosing of lubricants. We offer application-specific solutions far plant and machinery in all industries. As diverse as this scope of application is, our huge range of system components is just as extensive. Patented technologies and specialized technical solutions with the greatest precision offer you measurable success. Whether you want us to supply in series or salve a specific problem, your requirements are our central focus.

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BIELOMATIK Minimal Quantity Lubrication

Minimal quantity lubrication technology (MQL) in the metal cutting processes is in the position to combine the highest productivity with ecological and health benefits. The undisputable reduction alone in the consumption of coolant emulsions makes, in many respects, improvements in the entire metal processing sector and, of course, for man and the environment. In order to assess the benefits it is worth taking a look at the details.

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