OIL RITE Lubrication Equipment

Oil Rite Lubrication Equipment

Oil-Rite Corporation is known throughout the world for its high standard of manufacturing and innovative design in lubrication equipment. Founded in 1933 by Frank J. Lyden, the original product line consisted of constant level oilers used in conjunction with large bearings and gear boxes. The range of product expanded rapidly in the following decades to include not only lubricators, but liquid level and flow monitoring equipment. Oil-Rite manufactures 90 percent of components using its in-house work centers. Engineering and R&D are singularly dedicated to this industry, improvement in product and processes, and the next innovation in lubrication equipment.

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OIL RITE Clear View Multiple Feed Oilers

Clear View lubricators utilize a style reservoir that provides optimum viewing. They offer the same durability as heavier cast or steel components, but have the advantage of a streamlined design and standout pricing.

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OIL RITE Circulating Lubrication Systems

CIRCULATING OIL SYSTEMS are the most versatile type of lubrication system available. They are often used on large expensive bearings, or when it is absolutely essential to provide continuous operation under adverse conditions.

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OIL RITE Liquid Level Gages

Constant Level Lubricators automatically maintain a fixed liquid level in a bearing housing or gear box using the liquid seal principle. Constant level lubricators can be used on sleeve bearings, anti-friction bearings, gear boxes, pump housings, ventilating fans and blowers, moistening pads, and any other application demanding the maintenance of a constant liquid level. They are available with large sights for viewing liquid level and condition.

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OIL RITE Constant Level Lubricators

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS — Used to indicate level of lubricating oil supply at bearings, gear boxes, crank cases, transformers, switches, etc. COMPACT DESIGN — Can be installed easily in any location having enough clearance for a one-piece liquid level gage. SIMPLE INSTALLATION — Square shank with pipe thread screws horizontally or vertically into tapped hole. Options are available for difficult or irregular mountings.

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OIL RITE Oil Spray Systems

AIR OPERATED SPRAY DISPENSERS feed liquid to elevated, distant, or inaccessible points. The system consists of a central acrylic reservoir which dispenses liquid through one or more spray nozzles. These lubricators can be used to apply liquid to conveyors, chain drives, bull gears, trolley wheel bearings, wire rope, strip stock for punch presses, or any other application requiring a film of liquid. The amount of liquid sprayed is infinitely adjustable from a fine spray, invisible to the eye, to a coarse spray by adjusting the air pressure of the needle valve on the spray nozzle.

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The ability to deliver very small amounts of lubricant with each cycle is what distinguishes PurgeX® from all other lubrication products. In fact the name PurgeX®, comes from its designed ability to purge air from the lubrication system. This eliminates the need to pre-fill lubrication lines during initial installation. If the liquid reservoir runs low, or air is introduced in some other manner into the system, the self-priming PurgeX® will fill lines with lubricant automatically. The net result is the ability to reliably deliver the smallest amount of lubricant with each cycle.

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