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For the past 15 years JERO Industrial Puerto Rico & the Caribbean has contributed with our mechanical and industrial workshops customers designing and implementing systems for the dispatch and control of lubricants in such a way that the effectiveness and efficiency of the work is increased. We always look for the best possible designs trying to keep the costs as low as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the project.

JERO Industrial main objective is to be on the client's side by becoming a highly trusted consultant. Our installation capabilities allow us to provide a service of excellence, even when working on multiple parallel projects. Our engineering team and technicians have a high knowledge of pipe and duct designs / installations. We are certified by our suppliers to carry out installations, complying with the high standards that each of them requires to honor all equipment guarantees.

Our Lubrication Equipment Brands

LINCOLN Lubrication Equipment

Lincoln Lubrication Equipment

The Lincoln brand portfolio features some of the world's most advanced, highly respected automatic lubrication system technologies, as well as a full line of tools and equipment for industrial and automotive service professionals.

LINCOLN has solutions for large processing plants, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, and food and beverage facilities. Virtually every industrial professional involved in operations and maintenance can benefit from LINCOLN systems. On the road or in the field, LINCOLN protects heavy equipment used in mining, construction, agriculture and over-the road trucking. LINCOLN builds precision metal components, state-of-the-art electronic controls, and the industry’s top-performing pump systems. Their quality systems in the United States are ISO 9001 registered.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Industrial Applications

In many plants, maintenance departments are downsizing, yet there are still the same number of production machines and lubrication points that require manual lubrication. Due to competitive demands, most industries are under increased pressure to be more efficient and improve uptime. lncreased regulations that facus on the environment and safety (lock-out and tag-out procedures) require plant maintenance managers and personnel to fallow time-consuming tasks. With our extensive experience in lubrication equipment and systems, we have the unique capability and system solutions to address these important issues. These universal challenges will not go away.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Agricultural Applications

With so many innovations in lubrication, and a worldwide network of knowledgeable support professionals, farmers trust Lincoln quality and service. As a leader in the lubrication industry, Lincoln provides numerous options. Lincoln designs and manufactures everything you need - from automatic lubrication systems to a full line of manual lubrication tools and equipment.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Constrution Equipment

Frequent lubrication not only maintains the proper lubrication film to reduce wear, but also acts as a means to purge the pins and bushings of contamination. lf rock dust, dirt, sand and water are allowed to work their way into these components, they will form a "grinding compound" that reduces bearing life substantially. This will cause downtime and higher maintenance cost. To properly lubricate manually, it normally takes at least 30 minutes per machine every day.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Food & Beverage Applications

Quicklub Systems have been de-signed to meet the toughest requi-rements of the food & beverage industry. Their operation is based on the reliable progressive principle in which the lubricant is dispensed by a piston pump via progressive plunger metering devices to the lubrication point. The lubrication occurs in metered, timed intervals at a maximum pressure of 350 bar. Thus the lubrication of bearings with high back-pressures is also guaranteed. The pump can serve up to three independent circuits, each with its own pump element, consisting of numerous lubrication points with lubricant. The system is easy to monitor and ensures that the right quantity of grease is supplied to the lubrication points.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Rail Industry

Lincoln is continually providing solutions and satisfying our railroad customers with innovative lubrication equipment and pumping systems far wayside, top of rail, metro and on-board applications. Far more than 100 years, companies from multiple industries ali over the globe have relied on our technical and quality leadership, our world-class manufacturing and customer service and our vast network of qualified distributors, field support and service professionals.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Trasportation Industry

Lincoln has been providing efficient and reliable lubrication solutions far ali types of vehicles since 1910. Fleet owners, maintenance managers and operators trust Lincoln's quality and service because they know that a Lincoln system will help maximize their profitability. The company has been awarded more U.5. patents far lubrication equipment than ali other competitors combined. With so many innovations in vehicle lubrication, and a worldwide network of knowledgeable distributors, Lincoln will fit your vehicle with a lubrication system that will help increase its life span and lower your operating costs.

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Wind Industry

Like any mechanical system, a wind energy system needs proper lubrication to function optimally. Vibration, high mechanical loads, contamination and moisture are all threats to bearing and gear service life. However, wind turbines can be challenging and expensive to service. They can reach more than 100 meters off the ground and are often in remote and difficult-to-access locations.
The solution is an automatic lubrication system. Compared to manual lubrication, automatic lubrication systems provide lubricant supply more reliably and precisely to moving components in the nacelle. By delivering the smallest effective amount of lubricant reliably to all friction points while the machine is running, automatic lubrication systems reduce friction inside bearings and help prevent contaminatio

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LINCOLN Automatic Lubrication for Rope Applications

The life cycle of a steel wire rape that has been periodically lubricated is appraximately six to eight times longer than a wire rape that has not been lubricated. Also, lubricating a wire rape while in service helps to prevent corrosion of the wires. Corrosion can be interna! and externa!, and it often is caused by acids, alkaline waters, salt air, humidity, fumes, and abrasive and industrial enviranments, in general.

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