Petro-Canada Lubricants produces over 350 advanced lubricants, specialty fluids and greases. Petro-Canada products perform better and last longer because they start with 99.9% pure base oils to lengthen the life of the equipment and maintain it in optimal conditions.

Petro-Canada Lubricants leverage the exceptional characteristics of our base oils along with 30+ years of research, development and formulating expertise. Then they add a unique combination of additives to create lubricants with advanced performance.


JERO Industrial represents Petro-Canada Lubricants in Puerto Rico

We specialize in lubricants, specialty fluids, and greases

JERO Industrial supplies customers with premium lubricants, oils and greases in various industries, including food and beverage canning, general manufacturing, transportation, power generation, mining, forestry, agriculture, plastics processing, adhesives, construction, drilling/oil field, gas plants/pipelines, health and beauty aids, and pharmaceutical.

DURON™ Next Generation

Petro Canada DURON is one of the most durable high performance heavy duty engine oils ever made.

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HYDREX™ Hydraulic Fluids

Lasting up to 3x longer and offering up to 2x better wear protection is just the start.

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DURATRAN™ Transmission

Best High Temperature Protection. Better Wear Protection.

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PURITY™ Food Grade

Products that deliver high performance while reducing impacts on the environment.

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Petro-Canada PRECISION™ greases are premium performance, long life multi-application greases.

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Protect against thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear — for cleaner running engines in all driving conditions.

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