Alantec & Orion Shop Equipment

Alantec & Orion Shop Equipment

Alentec & Orion AB develop, manufacture and market equipment and services in pumping, measuring and dosing to the automotive and general industry. The product range consists of a wide range of stationary, mobile and portable pumps with accessories for; filling- dosingcontrol-and waste oil handling. Hose reels and systems for exhaust and welding smoke extraction are also in our range. Orion is an international company with headquarters in Sweden. We are represented in more than 50 countries in the world and are expanding rapidly. Orion companies in United Kingdom, Belgium and France together with an extensive distributor base are supporting the market.

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ALANTEC & ORION 2017 Catalog

The major difference between ORSCO oil lubrication systems and other lubrication technologies is the use of a continuous, ultra-fine, non-mist delivery of lubricant. The ORSCO system can spray minute quantities of lubricant for a selected duration of time. The ORSCO systems deliver minute quantities of oil, resulting in significant cost savings by decreasing lubricant consumption, reducing product contamination and eliminating under/over lubrication.

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