Gardner Denver Air Compression & Vacum

The Gardner Denver Industrials Group is one of the oldest, leading providers of air compression and vacuum products. From modest beginnings as a small business located in the heartland of the United States, we have grown into a diversified corporation operating around the world. Yet, one thing has remained constant: Your Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Goal.

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GARDNER DENVER Two Stage Engine Driven Reciprocating Air Compressors

Gardner Denver is the leader in manufacturing dependable compressed air systems. Gardner Denver offers a complete line of engine driven compressor packages from 8–25 horsepower to meet any application. With an engine driven package there is no need to worry about electrical service. Engine driven air compressors were designed to provide compressed air in remote locations or for emergency production line needs. Service trucks, contractors, and farmers all need a reliable compressor that will be suitable for the tools he will use.

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GARDNER DENVER Fil Series Filters

FIL Series Filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for the three typical contaminant types. Compressed air systems continually challenge filtration with moisture, solid particulates, and liquid oil or oil vapors. FIL Series filter elements represent state-of-the-art filter designs which allow for custom filtration at every installation.

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GARDNER DENVER RES Series Cycling Refrigerated Dryer

Non-cycling refrigerated air dryers operate with the refrigeration compressor running continuously, regardless of inlet load. Minimal energy savings is realized from 100% down to 0% inlet air load. The RES Series air dryer automatically cycles the refrigeration compressor on and off in response to inlet load conditions. As the inlet air load is reduced, the refrigeration compressor cycles off, providing you with savings.

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GARDNER DENVER Electra-Saver Variable Displacement Compressor

Gardner Denver proudly introduced the first oil-flooded rotary screw compressor to the domestic market over 40 years ago. The large-diameter, slow-turning screw airend packaged with heavyduty industrial grade components soon became a cornerstone for serious compressed air users and a template for competitive design philosophies. Throughout the years, Gardner Denver has remained committed to providing equipment that offers superior service and economical operation over the life of the machine.

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GARDNER DENVER Value Plus Reciprocating Air Compressors

When you purchase a Gardner Denver Value Plus air compressor, you know you have purchased one of the finest compressors in the industry. The Value Plus compressor line was engineered for industrial applications that require a gas or electric driven compressor. Each compressor was designed with top quality bearings, cast iron cylinders, and vibration free compressor pumps to insure longevity of the compressor package. The Value Plus Series is just another quality air compressor in the Gardner Denver air compressor line-up.

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