Kaishan Compressors Puerto Rico

Kaishan Compressor USA, is an industrial air compressor manufacturer who produces compressed air equipment for a variety of industries. We manufacture rotary screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, portable air compressors, ORC power expanders, steam screw expanders and air treatment equipment to take care of all of your compressed air needs. With our seven modern and innovative manufacturing facilities around the world, we produce and supply compressed air equipment to more than 60 regions and countries such as the United States, Germany, Korea, Africa, Australia and Japan.

Along with our seven specialized facilities, we have 32 subsidiary companies, making Kaishan the third largest manufacturer of compressed air machinery in the world. As a diversified engineering company, we offer every client reliable and performance-proven equipment. We have a drive for continuous improvement and an 85 percent vertically integrated manufacturing process. As a result, we are in full control of our material supply chain, product quality and component costs. Kaishan can change with market demands to provide you superior products

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KAISHAN KRSB 5-50 HP Belt Driven

Kaishan Compressor’s KRSB series of belt drive compressors includes machines ranging from 5 HP to 50 HP in power. All can be counted on to deliver reliable, economical performance in a variety of industrial applications. Sophisticated programmable controls and other advanced features provide additional flexibility, while low maintenance requirements keep operating costs down over the life of the unit.

Choose a Kaishan Compressor to power air tools in manufacturing operations or automotive repair centers, or for heavy-duty industrial applications. We stand behind our products with a five year warranty. Keep reading to learn more, or contact a JERO representative to request a quote.

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KAISHAN KRSD 15-200 HP Direct Drive

Air compressors, known as the fourth utility, are key to a business’s success. You need a manufacturer for your direct drive rotary air compressor that delivers reliable, innovative, efficient, and cost-effective products year after year.

Kaishan is the company you need to move forward with. Our experience, competitive prices, and focus on quality and innovation proves that we’ve earned our place as the third-largest manufacturer of air compressors in the world.

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KAISHAN KRSP 40-500 HP Direct Drive

The KRSP series of direct drive compressors from Kaishan Compressor offers industry-leading performance in an economical package. Units range in size from 20 to 500 horsepower, delivering capacities up to 2,453 CFM. All feature a single-stage, rotary screw design, and include our patented SKY air end. Keep reading for more information or contact the Kaishan Compressor office directly to speak with a representative.

We designed our single stage compressors to offer several long-term benefits, including:

1. Improved energy efficiency: All direct drive models feature low-speed operation with a 1:1 gear ratio that eliminates transmission energy loss, as well as a SKY air end and laminar inlet valve to deliver maximum power with minimal waste. Together, these features make our compressors some of the most efficient on the market.

2. Exceptional reliability: KRSP compressors feature premium components such as 316 stainless steel tubing and triple discharge bearings that have a longer service life than cheaper alternatives. As a result, our products will deliver reliable performance, shift after shift, with lower maintenance costs.

3. Better uptime: By combining power and reliability, our compressors help your operation stay productive for longer. Heavy-duty isolators minimize wear and tear over time, and a variety of cooling features maintain an ideal operating temperature to reduce the risk of overheating. Best of all, when routine maintenance is required, accessible components keep downtime to a minimum.

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KAISHAN KRSP2 100-500 HP Direct Drive

Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry or build ships, you can benefit from a two-stage rotary air compressor. Come to Kaishan Compressor USA to discover what our compressors can do for you.Our KRSP2 series compressors are designed with efficiency, reliability, and optimization in mind. We provide lifetime warranties for the air end of our compressors and five-year warranties on all other major components.

A two-stage rotary compressor helps your business run smoothly and without complications. We provide you and your business with high-quality two-stage air compressors that operate with the highest efficiency so that you can do the work that you need to.

Two-stage Kaishan compressors provide a higher level of efficiency than single-stage compressors, which makes them more useful for a variety of tasks.

We provide the compressors that you need to accomplish the wide range of tasks that you and your business have on your plate. Our compressors compliment a variety of industries, from ship building to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

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