MITYVAC Automotive & Vacuum-Related Tools & Equipment

Mityvac products are used to diagnose problems and measure the effectiveness of many of the systems in automobiles and other engine-driven devices. Products acquired by Lincoln include: Mityvac Vacuum Pump; Silverlineñ and Silverline Plus Automotive Kits and Vacuum Pump; Universal Cooling System Test and Retrofit Kits and Radiator Adapter; AirEvac; and Ignition Trak.

Other products are: the Fluid Evacuator and Fluid Evacuator Brake Bleeding Accessories Kit; Fluid Transfer Pump Kit; Hydraulic Injection System Shooter; Brake Hose Clamp; Vacuum Gauge/Fuel Pump Tester; Fuel Injection Pressure Test Kit; Compression Test Kit; and Stem Compression Tester.

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MITYVAC Equipment Catalog

One of the reasons Mityvac is the world leader in hand pumps is due to our extensive1 selection of available options. By offering a wide range of pump configurations, users can select exactly the pump they need for their application without having to settle for a pump that won’t perform, or pay more for options they don’t use. Whether purchasing a pump for brake bleeding, engine diagnostics, windshield repair, fluid transfer or any one of hundreds of other applications, Mityvac offers the pump that fits your requirements.

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