No-Spill Systems magnetic oil drain plugs replace the existing plug in your vehicle's oil pan; providing fast, and environmentally friendly results. Easy to install, the No-Spill oil drain plug makes your next oil change a breeze. By simply replacing your factory oil drain plug at your next oil change with the No-Spillâ„¢ oil drain plug, you will eliminate common draining problems including messy oil changes, stripped oil pans and overtightened plugs.

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NO SPILL Fluid Draining Technology

Machined from solid brass bar stock, the No-Spillâ„¢ Drain plug can be handled even with a hot engine. No need to wait for the engine to cool down and no worry about burns or injuries (brass will not conduct heat like other metals will). All No-Spill oil drain plugs work to drain with gravity or suction systems and are guaranteed for life.

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