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For the past 15 years JERO Industrial Puerto Rico & the Caribbean has contributed with our mechanical and industrial workshops customers designing and implementing systems for the dispatch and control of lubricants in such a way that the effectiveness and efficiency of the work is increased. We always look for the best possible designs trying to keep the costs as low as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the project.

JERO Industrial main objective is to be on the client's side by becoming a highly trusted consultant. Our installation capabilities allow us to provide a service of excellence, even when working on multiple parallel projects. Our engineering team and technicians have a high knowledge of pipe and duct designs / installations. We are certified by our suppliers to carry out installations, complying with the high standards that each of them requires to honor all equipment guarantees.

Our Shop Equipment Brands

ALEMITE Shop Equipment

Alemite Shop Equipment

With a commitment to providing innovative products since 1918, Alemite has achieved an international reputation as a leader in high performance, high quality lubrication and fluid handling systems. Alemite products are used in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, automotive, pulp and paper, aircraft maintenance, marine and mining industries, providing maximum efficiency, productivity and reliability.

The company continues to expand and improve its product line by designing and manufacturing products to serve new markets and applications. Alemite’s stage gate product development process allows our development and manufacturing engineers to design products based on “voice of the customer” input. Supporting that we meet the needs of our customers. Alemite also provides custom-engineered solutions for specific applications as requested.

The Alemite quality process engages all employees in driving the goals of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This process is ISO/TS 16949:2002 certified. Alemite products meet stringent laboratory and field testing for performance and long life

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ALEMITE Hose Reels Catalogue

The wide variety of Alemite Automatic Lubrication Systems enables us to provide a system that can service most applications. Whether you need a system to keep your heavy-duty machinery running or you need a system to improve productivity in your factory, Alemite has what you are looking for.

Designed and produced with uncompromising attention to detail, Alemite's full line of reels offers the quality you expect from the leader in lubrication and fluid management equipment. Found everywhere from rugged mines to state-of-the-art fleet garages, Alemite reels are engineered for high performance, durability, and ease of maintenance and operation.

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ALEMITE BigView Tank Monitor

Alemite's new BigviewTank Monitor provides safe and accurate fluid level monitoring far multiple tanks. The system operates using a controller which connects to a series of probes. Each tank has one probe that relays information back to a computer via direct connect or a modem. Users can then view tank-level information, including warnings, directly or remotely.

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ALEMITE Compressed Air Components

Alemite Compressed Air Components allow you to accurately and reliably regulate, clean, dry and lubricate the air going into your system. These high quality components improve productivity by reducing the risk of down time due to poor quality air supply. Alemite offers a variety of packages and individual filters, gauges, regulators and lubricators, allowing you to choose the best option to meet your need.

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ALEMITE Control Valves Meters

Alemite Control Valves Meters offer consistent, reliable and accurate dispensing fluids. Each item offers a proven, ergonomic design for simple and comfortable use. They can be used to dispense oil, grease, automatic transmission fluid, and other petroleum-based products.

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ALEMITE Diaphragm Pumps

Alemite's diaphragm pumps are designed to reduce downtime by ensuring continuous, reliable pump performance. These self-priming pumps can handle infinitely variable flows up to 90% solids and are capable of operating as low as one stroke per minute.

Alemite's pumps will simplify your maintenance tasks with only two easily accessible center block O-rings. The pilot shaft O-rings are removable as a complete assembly and are easily replaced without the use of an O-ring tool. And the air valve can be serviced without taking apart the pump's center section. Alemite's diaphragm pumps virtually eliminate pumping problems to keep your operation running smoothly. And since they're built in the United States, you can be assured you'II receive reliable products with quick, consistent delivery.

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ALEMITE Diesel Fuel and DEF Handling

Alemite offers a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing Systems for shop servicing heavy duty diesel vehicles. Engineered for efficiency and reliability. Alemite’s DEF pump system and reels provide superior performance and long service life at an affordable price. Alemite has also added a fuel transfer pump to quickly transfer diesel, kerosene or mineral spirits.

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ALEMITE Fluid Dispensing Configuration Examples

The following product configurations provide examples of easy-to-use systems constructed from a variety of high quality Alemite products. For vehicle service facilities, lube truck setup and multiple other applications, these configurations can assist in developing an efficient, work ready environment.

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ALEMITE Fluid Management Systems

AFCS ENTERPRISE FLUID INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM The Alemite AFCS Enterprise fluid inventory control management system and software are designed to accurately track, monitor and dispense fluids in vehicle service applications. This fluid management system utilizes a standard Internet browser to access the software and provides a significant savings by operating up to 50 sites with one server installation.

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ALEMITE Fuel Transfer Pumps

Alemite has added the durable Model 3400 Fuel Transfer Pump to its line of quality pumps. This versatile pump is designed for use in agricultura!, constuction, fleet and other mobile applications. The 12-volt DC Model 3400 quickly transfers fluid from mobile or stationary fuel tanks to vehicles and equipment at a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute.

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ALEMITE Grease Guns Catalog

Alemite Grease Guns are built to perform in demanding applications. Unique, innovative designs ensure excellent performance, and strong attention to quality production provides maximum durability. With the most outstanding range of products offered, Alemite Grease Guns and Accessories will maximize your lubrication productivity.

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ALEMITE Industrial Fittings

As the inventor of the Zerk fitting, Alemite is a recognized global leader in supplying fittings for automotive and industrial use. Alemite fittings conform to SAE J534 standards for automotive OEM use, and Alemite's manufacturing is TS/150 16949 certified.

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ALEMITE Pumps Catalogs

Alemite offers a selection of pumps to meet your fluid handling and dispensing needs. Each pump is designed to deliver reliable, consistent performance to keep your operation running smoothly.

Alemite Oil Pumps are ideal for applications where fluids are piped to multiple outlets. Combined with Alemite Hose Reels, Dispensing Valves and Meters, Alemite Oíl Pumps deliver motor oils, gear oils, cutting oils, hydraulic oils, machi ne coolants, automatic transmission fluids and a wide range of petroleum based fluids from tanks, drums, totes and pails. Alemite Oíl Pumps can be used for bulk transfer or direct delivery from the original container.

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